Raman Spectroscopy Workshop for Chemical and Material Identification in Materials Research (Pre Registration Required)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
MTCC, Room 104C

This workshop will provide a review of current capabilities of Raman microscope systems and spectroscopy techniques useful to the scientific community.  Raman spectroscopy has been proven to be  capable of providing material and chemical analyses of samples that may vary in size from the very large to the sub-micron, and that may be in sealed containers (under glass or plastic).  New advances in technology now allow Raman microscopy to be extended from the optical microscope to AFM and SEM microscopes.  Raman imaging supports a number of “fast” chemical and topographical contrast methods that can greatly simplify area composition distribution analysis.  There will be emphasis on Raman microscopy, with imaging techniques that reveal layers and material distributions, and advanced surface materials including composites using LiveTrack™ focus tracking technology with the inVia Qontor.  A live demonstration of Raman microscopy with 785 nm and 532 nm excitation and the imaging processing and acquisition capabilities of a dispersive multi-wavelength Raman system will be available so attendees are encouraged to bring microscope compatible samples.


​To register please contact, Dr. Kelly Akers at 519-942-0579 or kellyakers@prospectscientific.com.