Professional Development Track: CSC President's Event

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
MTCC, Room 206F

Changing Face of Chemistry 

Will chemistry be a follower or leader on societal challenges?

Chemistry, physics and biology were all well-defined natural science disciplines a half a century ago. However in today’s new world, chemistry has increasingly lost much of its identity as a discipline with multiple new sciences such as environmental science, molecular biology, nanotechnology, surface science, and materials science having evolved over the past several decades.

Has the “central” science of chemistry become so relevant to the many new disciplines that it could find itself absorbed into molecular science and engineering? With technological advances, what will the laboratories of the future look like? Will chemists need more mathematics and software training than the traditional chemistry taught today?

Our world continues to advance at a rapid pace. Will the discipline of chemistry be a follower or leader in addressing our major societal challenges such as energy, climate change, security, healthcare, food and water?

Our national and international panelists will each give brief 10 minute overviews followed by a questions and answers period.


  • Rui Resendes, President, Canadian Society for Chemistry, Firerein


  • Thomas Connelly, CEO & Executive Director, American Chemical Society
  • Domenic Tildesley, RSC Past President, European Center for Atomic and Molecular Computation (CECAM)
  • Bruce Lennox, FCIC, Dean of Science, McGill University

*A complimentary lunch will be provided.