Upcoming Conferences

May 27-31, 2018
101st Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition 2018
Edmonton, AB, CA
102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition 2019
Quebec City, QC, CA
May 24-28, 2020
103rd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition
Winnipeg, MB, CA


The CSC 2017 Professional Development Track kicks off at 10:00 on Sunday, May 28 with the Green Chemistry Crash Course and Industry Case Study. These workshops are free for all CSC 2017 conference attendees - be sure to book your travel early!

This Molecular World: From Fake News to Infectious Disease”. How can we take advantage of the Internet for good? Sir Martyn Poliakoff tells us how he went from the test tube to YouTube to engage millions of people around the world in discovery. Joined by renowned speakers such as Aaaron Wheeler, Molly Shoichet, Gilbert Walker, and Joe Schwarcz, the panel will discuss an array of topics that lie within the cross hares of an ever-changing society and scientific discovery. 

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