Joint CSC/Public Outreach Event: This Molecular World

Thursday, June 1, 2017
MTCC, Room 107

Sir Martyn Poliakoff, CBE, CChem, FRS, FRSC, FIChemE

This Molecular World: From Fake News to Infectious Disease

This talk tells a story of something which came as a complete surprise to me. It explains how my participation in making some videos for the University of Nottingham's YouTube Channel led to my collaboration with a very talented video-journalist Brady Haran and the creation of the YouTube channel, the Periodic Table of Videos. This began as a collection of 120 videos (one for each of the 118 elements of the Periodic Table, plus an introduction and trailer). Quickly, it gathered momentum and now it has 614 uploaded videos with 905k YouTube subscribers and a total > 152 M views in over 200 countries. I will outline how the concept has evolved and suggest tentatively how the channel came to be successful in communicating out love of chemistry across the world. 

Joining Sir Martyn Poliakoff:

Fake news permeates all parts of society, but how can we combat fake science news? Joe Schwarcz tackles pseudoscience and celebrity science, which is more harmful than you can imagine. 

Can we go beyond treating the symptoms of disease? Molly Shoichet explains how we can stop and reverse disease progression with regenerative medicine. 

Are dwindling resources and environmental damage an inevitable consequence of modern living? Gilbert Walker shows us new fish farming technologies that are good for the fish and safe for the marine environment.

How can we translate cutting-edge advances in healthcare to displaced populations? Aaron Wheeler describes a new model for bringing infectious disease diagnostics to low-resource settings.

How can we take advantage of the Internet for good? Sir Martyn Poliakoff tells us how he went from the test tube to YouTube to engage millions of people around the world in discovery. 

Join us as we explore these questions and more at This Molecular World: From Fake News to Infectious Disease sponsored by Science & Engineering Engagement and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto in partnership with the Canadian Society for Chemistry. 

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