Industrial Chemistry

Division Representative

Matt Heuft, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Industrial Chemistry Program Outline

Symposia, Organizers and Invited Speakers

Best Practices for Successful Academic-Industry Collaborations

Matt Heuft (, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Invited Speakers:
Neil Branda, 4D LABS
Randy Frank, 3M Canada Company

This symposium will showcase examples of successful academic-industry collaborations from both the academic and industrial partner's perspective. Topics to be covered include how the interaction started, benefits each partner gleans from the interaction and obstacles overcome.

Chemistry-based Entrepreneurs, Ecosystem, and Case Study

Pam Banks (, RIC Centre

Invited Speakers:
Paul Barter, Entrepreneur in Residence, RIC Centre
Julie Lukkarila, Ontario Centres of Excellence
Andrew White, Char Technologies

If you are a chemist with a great idea, entrepreneurial training and business savvy can turn your idea into profits. Chemists can solve many problems, but the challenge is in turning a great idea into a marketable product.
This session will de-mystify:

  • Tech trends and testing your idea
  • Patents requirements for start-ups
  • Using SR&ED to grow your business
  • What investors look for before they invest

The most vulnerable part of an entrepreneurial start-up is at the very beginning of the commercialization journey. This session will help put you on the right track.

Panel Discussion: Important Components for a Successful Chemistry Start-up
Intellectual Property: Patricia Folkins, Bereskin and Parr
Investor: Shirley Speakman, Cycle Capital
Using SR&ED: Jamie Barron, BDO
Tech Trends: Ulli Krull, UTM
Moderator: Paul Barter, Entrepreneur in Residence, RIC Centre

Chemistry-based Start-ups & Small and Medium Enterprises

Kazim Agha, Ridout & Maybee LLP
Tim Clark (, GreenCentre Canada
Philip Jessop (, GreenCentre Canada
Laura Reyes (, GreenCentre Canada

Invited Speakers:
Richard Berry, Celluforce
Chong Shen, Alchemy Nano
George Shimizu, Bow Valley Innovations
Jennifer Wagner, CarbonCure

Elena Bejan, Alphora Research
Curtis Berlinguette, Click Materials
Cynthia Goh, Impact Centre
Howie Honeyman, Forward Water Technologies

Entrepreneurship in chemistry provides an opportunity to launch powerful ideas and inventions into the marketplace, but entrepreneurship is also a challenging and risky endeavour. Overcoming these challenges is especially important given the environmental and societal benefits that these ideas and inventions often offer to the world. This session will provide a platform for speakers to share their stories, coming from numerous startups and SMEs at different stages of progression from a diverse range of sectors, as representatives of the Canadian innovation economy.  Additionally, there will be a panel discussion where the audience will have an opportunity to engage with speakers in an informal Q&A session.

Industrial Water Treatment Technologies - joint with EN

Gord Knight (, Trojan UV

Invited Speakers:
Kati Bell, MWH Global, USA
Marvin Devries, Trojan Technologies
Ron Hofmann, University of Toronto
Gordon Knight, Trojan Technologies
Domenico Santoro, Trojan Technologies

This symposium will focus on the application of chemistry to ultraviolet water treatment, and related water treatment technologies and applications. The main topics to be considered are: Mechanisms and advances in ultraviolet disinfection and environmental contaminant treatment. Key industrial and municipal applications of these technologies will be discussed. Also, advanced waste water treatment technologies for disinfection, biogas production and materials production will also be considered.

Innovative Processes for Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Manufacturing

Andrew Martins (, Gilead Alberta ULC

Invited Speakers:
Alec Birkbeck, Firmenich AG, Switzerland
Brenda Burke, Gilead Sciences
Eric Fang, Snapdragon Chemistry
Jason Hein, University of British Columbia
Matthew Maddess, Merck & Co., Inc , USA
Stephen Newman, University of Ottawa
Allan Rey, Apotex Pharmachem Inc.
Silas Wang, Gilead Sciences , USA
Ashraf Wilsily, Amgen Inc., USA

This symposium will focus on the development of innovative processes for the production of bulk quantities of chemical entities. The application of scientific principles to the development of chemical processes, at any point in the product lifecycle, increases process knowledge, and helps build safe, scalable, and efficient processes. Innovation is key, and ultimately leads to an improved understanding of chemical processing, and faster scale-up from bench to plant. Topics may include, but are not limited to: synthetic design, reaction development, reactor design, continuous manufacturing, hazard assessment, process development, process analytical technology, purification methods, crystallization, and regulatory issues.

Life after the Lab: Unconventional Careers for Scientists - joint with CE

Molly Sung (, CIC Toronto Local Division

Chemistry graduates the world over are trained for academic and industrial research; however, science extends far beyond the lab bench. This symposium will present various alternatives to research careers to prepare early career chemists to enter today's competitive and varied job market. We will hear from influential scientists who have carved out successful career paths outside of the lab in fields such as finance, advocacy, patent law, and communications. This session will be followed by a panel discussion featuring all of our speakers.

Invited Speakers:
Andrea Berenbaum, Bereskin and Parr
Andrew Biksa, BASF
Chris Caputo, York University
Katie Gibbs, Evidence for Democracy
Vanessa Little, GreenCentre Canada
Sunil Vidyarthi, Value Sciences
Minyan Wang, Bridgeable

Andrea Berenbaum, Bereskin and Parr
Andrew Biksa, BASF
Katie Gibbs, Evidence for Democracy
Vanessa Little, GreenCentre Canada
Sunil Vidyarthi, Value Sciences
Minyan Wang, Bridgeable

Sustaining Business Development in the Chemical Sector

Joe Sabol (, ACS - Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Invited Speakers:
Beth Bosley, Boron Specialties
Brett Bosley, Boron Specialties
Daphne Lianson, Smart-Biggar

Small and medium size businesses are a major source of economic activity in North America and scientific, technology, and engineering advances in the commercial sector are measured by their utility in the world community. This symposium will provide perspectives on the inherent challenges that drive growth in the commercial sector. Speakers will address (1) practical tools for growing businesses, including intellectual property protection and licensing, strategic planning and partnership/alliance strategies, expansion from domestic to international markets; and (2) narrative stories from principals in the chemical and related (high-tech materials, energy, pharmaceutical/bio-tech, and analytical instrumentation) sectors, revealing their experiences regarding innovation, perseverance, competition, and overcoming market barriers. Growing businesses need to juggle investment capital, infrastructure, and personnel to overcome market barriers; attempting to conduct business in foreign countries can compound the issues. Successful small businesses leverage their entrepreneurial skill-set to overcome the barriers and sustain growth.

Industrial Chemistry Related Symposia